New Year 2021: Let Your Bag Conclude Your New Year Resolution

Every new year brings along a new year's resolution. A new and fresh start for all the things that were abandoned. I promised myself every year that starting the 1st of January; I would sincerely work on my resolution. The resolution to attain a fit, strong and healthy body. The same resolution every year, and it isn't just me but every other being in their 20s. 

The eve of the 30th of December used to be full of fire, determination, and self-esteem. However, after subsisting the flame of determination, the next day would pass by to celebrate the new year. Throughout the year, I used to halt my workout throughout the year, and when the day came when excuses wouldn’t work, I used to pass over it.  


I found a Duffle Bag!

To do something with the entire heart, it is imperative to have a mindset. I was not looking for a mindset but an inspiration, an insight that would wriggle my body. Nothing would matter to me unless it comes to my fashion sense. Yes, I loved to outshine my taste, so I decided to find something that would force me to get ready to outshine. 

While I was looking for an idea, I came across Danny, the Gym Duffle Bag! I remember how I was simply staring at this bag and visualising my striking entry into the gym. The title said, Danny, water-resistant duffle Bag. When I think about it now, it appears to be a marvel, how in the world I came across Danny! Danny changed my life. I never felt this urge to buy a bag this badly like I wanted to buy Danny my gym bag online. 

It's not just an everyday bag but a companion, its simplicity lures the heart, and you start daydreaming about snappy outfits for a gym that would look awesome when paired with Danny. My dream new year resolution gym bag arrived on new year’s eve, and I literally couldn't sleep the whole night. 

I was wondering how I was looking for a gem, and the gem found me. I was excited! I was glancing at how beautifully Danny was designed. Made up of CORDURA® fabric, the bag is water-resistant and has two apartments and space for keys. One can easily fit a pair of clothes, shoes, and a towel in that space which is more than enough. 

The gym duffle bag measures:

  • Height:  30 cm
  • Width:   47 cm
  • Depth:   22 cm
  • Weight:  0.75 kg

I never knew gym bags could be this delicate and lightweight until Danny walked in. My first day at the gym went very organised, thanks to Danny. I noticed how every eye in the gym glanced at my gym partner, Danny, who was carrying my water bottle, towel, headphones, a pair of clothes, and slippers. Danny looked so sleek even after I stuffed a lot of necessities in it, and therefore, Danny became my travel partner. I am in love with my gym bag, and I carry it to hikes, gym, and even short trips. Danny is the best, and I thank StrapIt for exposing me to this terrific gym bag online!

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