Beginning with the idea for aesthetic, chic, carefully designed and highly functional bags, Nuzhat and Zohaib came together to infuse their energies into STRAP IT™. To cater to the audience that was crazy bored with the same monotonous and uninspiring range of bags which did not kindle the senses at all; the mother-son duo committed to bring about a series of bags that spelled D-I-F-F-E-R-E-N-T quite differently! The world needed the utility bags but it needed the class, the oomph, and that stimulating kick laced in “something different”!

With the collective experience of 30 years and as people who have always had a keen eye for artistic appeal and utility, it was only natural that the brains behind STRAP IT™ opted for something that is both aesthetic and practical.

STRAP IT™ puts forth the belief that accessories can fulfil larger needs in the community while keeping intact the hip and trendy feel about them. Thus, the vision for STRAP IT™ does not only hold the trade initiatives in place but brings the need for cultural change in the focus. Adaptability, affordability and practicality are the driving ideas behind the bags crafted and offered with compassion at STRAP IT™.

Each bag is a fusion statement of Indian and Western creativity which reflects inclusiveness that the world needs. Tasteful amalgamation of leather with other pastoral elements such as canvas, Cordura®, and lightweight nylon that the bags carry is a testament to the brand’s ever-expanding vision and imagination. The endless creativity combines with the minimalist approach to conceive durable bags that showcase trendsetting attitude and immaculate values of reliability and high quality.

And then, how could we ignore fashion! We put the style at the forefront for the fashion connoisseurs! The story proceeds ahead to the inspiration where STRAP IT™ holds “age no bar” as the central mantra and the range of subtly colourful designs ensures a tastefully crafted bag for everyone. Not just that the bags offer high functionality, every product designed is an opportunity for elevating the outfits too. With an eye to detail and the keenness to set the exuberant trends in the market, we are crafting one bag at a time!

With such enthusiasm, STRAP IT™ was born and with added zing we continue. Under the mother-son duo’s expert eye, and their vision for inclusivity, STRAP IT™ is on its way to becoming the leader in all-inclusive, simplistic yet interesting and extremely trendy bags. With international shipping that reaches far and wide, we ensure that every step of our process keeps our buyers’ needs in mind. STRAP IT™ ensures every bag is worthy of the immaculate excellence and energy that your personality holds.

As human beings, we all have a responsibility to make our environment thrive. We are the only beings that can directly and artificially impact the environment. Therefore, practising eco-friendly techniques is the need of the hour. At STRAP IT™, we take this responsibility very seriously. We believe in the 3 R's.

  • Reduce: We reduce all our waste to the best of our ability. This includes carefully measuring the amount of stock we have. We would rather understock than overstock any product. Consequently, we greatly reduce waste.
  • Reuse: We reuse materials as much as possible. Instead of throwing away the excess, we always try to use them in new ways. Our innovative designs and techniques depend on our ability to minimise material waste to the best of our ability.
  • Recycle: We ship internationally in recycled shipping containers. Our packaging is recycled and recyclable so that, once again, we can minimise waste.

Through these principles, we maintain our responsibility and give back to our environment as much as possible. We take our responsibility seriously at STRAP IT™ and thus by combining our expertise in fashion and aesthetics with sustainable practices, we ensure that all our products have eco-friendly manufacturing processes and shipping practices.

This is especially poignant in a country like India where traditional methods of creation are in-tune with the environment. We seek to maintain this understanding while combining the traditional with more efficient, modern practices. Through our fusion approach, we bring together the old and new for the best results.

Our foundation in the aesthetics of the traditional with an expert comprehension of the modern enables this environmental connection enabling us to create bags that give back to Mother Nature by greatly reducing the waste generated. We make ourselves different from the other manufacturers because we care. We not only realise our responsibility, we actively advocate for it. We take steps that deliver actual results, making Strap It a pioneer of sustainable fashion in India today.

Whether you are based in India, Europe, China or USA, you can avail our sustainably-sourced bags. If you are among the millions of people who believe it is their responsibility to keep our planet healthy, sustainable fashion is the place to start. We are the place to start. With STRAP IT™ products, you can begin your shift away from fast fashion that generates so much waste to more eco-friendly practices today!