Christmas Gifting 2021: Receiving an Extraordinary Piece of Stylish Bag from My Secret Santa

Bags in today’s world has become a necessity. People frequently use free plastic bags to satisfy their needs instead of handbags or other types of bags, pointing to the fact that backpacks are expensive, and why should we buy them when we can satisfy our necessities with free plastic bags? However, there are numerous reasons to avoid using free plastic bags, such as being harmful to the environment and not being recycled.

One night before Christmas Eve at the dinner table, I told my parents about the secret Santa games that my friends and I would play on Christmas and asked them for some secret Santa gift ideas to give to my friends. They suggested bags since I am fond of them and I have often discussed with my parents regarding the increase in plastic bags. Organisation has always been a priority for me, and also, being an environment and animal lover, I don’t prefer using plastic bags.

My friend’s WhatsApp group had continuous random discussions and excitements of what they were gifting and what gifts they were expecting from their secret Santas. I started searching for Christmas gifts online and found many ideas of laptop bags and other types of bags that I thought I could gift to my friend as it could be helpful for her work.

My friends know me quite well, no idea who surprised me, but they gifted me this fantastic 2 in 1 tote bag. I was delighted to receive such a tremendous gift.

So let me introduce you to my little friend named Karin. A 2 in 1 backpack plus tote bag. It’s a lifesaver for ladies who are both fitness-obsessed and workaholics. Depending on your mood, you can wear it as a backpack or a tote bag. Despite its outward simplicity, It’s a powerful tool. All you have to do is slide my strips out and use me however you want. It also has a compartment for small laptops and also a multipurpose sleeve for yoga mats. More importantly, I am delighted as few days bag I was searching for tote bags online as it is very convenient. 


Source: Strap it

If you search for Christmas gifts online, I would surely recommend this ‘2 in 1’ handy tote bag.

I would not call this bag a 2 in 1 but an all-in-one bag as it fulfills all my needs. This bag is especially handy for gym purposes due to its extra sleeves for water bottles; usually, people avoid putting bottles in their bags because if it leaks, it will spoil everything else, but bravo! Karin is waterproof as well. Also, it feels so weightless while hanging this bag. 

If you plan to play secret Santa with your friends this Christmas, this is one of the secret Santa gift ideas I would suggest. While you are searching for gift ideas, let me pack everything into my Karin and leave for the gym as I'll pass my gym timings and disturb my daily schedule, but before going, I would recommend you not only gift Karin but buy Karin for yourself. It indeed is a great friend.

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