My 5 Must-have Bags from Strap It - A Fashionista’s Musing?

Any fashion-forward person will tell you that accessories can make or break your look. It does not matter how chic your clothing is, or how expensive your shoes are. Without the right accessories, your outfit is bound to fall flat. That said, it is easy to overlook accessorising when you are on the go or do not want to invest too much. 

Being fashionable and staying true to your style is not about having a lot of pieces, rather, it is to make the most out of a select few that compliment your style perfectly. Check out these 5 must-have bags from Strap It and take notes!


Source: Sally  

Regardless of who you are or what you do; a backpack is something that always comes in handy. Despite its widespread usage, people often glaze over how their backpack looks, just because it is for utility purposes. And that is the biggest fashion faux-pas you can make! Utility and looks are not mutually exclusive, so, it is best to invest in a backpack like Sally- a genuine leather backpack. Its sleek leather-look is available in 4 dark colours that can amp up any outfit you put together.


Source: Riz 

Riz- the tall canvas tote bag is the jack of all trades when it comes to practical use. A tote bag is a basic that everyone must-have. Make sure you pick a colour that compliments the colour palette of most of your clothing and shoes. You can take Riz to the office, to run errands with you, to be your bench buddy in college, or just go out shopping – the possibilities are endless!


Source: Matt-13 

With the world settling into the new normal more seamlessly now, your laptop bags are ready to be used again. It is important to carry a laptop bag that is sturdy and looks good doing it! Matt-13- a Nappa leather laptop bag will do just the job. It comes in 2 different looks – a plain black laptop that can gel well with any style, as well as a navy-blue colour-blocked design to make your laptop bag a statement piece. 


Source: Shaq 

A regular laptop bag is mostly only wearable to the office or formal events. And many people do not like carrying a bag in their hands. Shaq- a travel laptop backpack is here to aid your woes! If you carry your laptop to school or travel with it, then this bag will do the job. 


Source: William 

We have all seen celebrities with their airport looks and wondered how they have the energy to dress up for the airport. Well, we have the answer. It is all in the details, one statement piece can turn your look around. William- a weekender-cum-laptop bag is exactly what you are looking for! With its durability and chic silhouette combined, this bag is a must-have for anyone who is on the go.

Get your hands on these 5 fabulous must-haves as soon as possible, watch your looks elevate instantly, and thank us later!



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