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One statement, no matter how cliché it might sound, always stayed with me. I remember how my father used to dress me up in the uniform during my school days and ensured I look well-groomed. Then, he used to kiss my forehead and say, “the first impression is the last impression.” So, it became a ritual between both of us. Then, during my college days and next when I got my first job, I used to take his approval whether I am looking dapper or pulling my overall look organised.

This time, it’s about the most crucial meeting of my professional life - a client pitch at their multi-storeyed posh building. It was a significant event in my workday. I was thoroughly prepared with an impressive presentation. All I needed was a perfect laptop bag to reflect my taste in aesthetics. Being an interior designer, such minute details mean a lot.

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I was a couple of days away from the crucial presentation. I visited several stores to find what I needed, but all in vain. Then, suddenly, I remembered a great online option suggested by one of my colleagues. I tried my luck and came across Christian and breathed a sigh of relief.

Hey, before you form an opinion about me, let me clear the air. Meet Christian, my rescuer and, indeed, one of the best men’s leather laptop bags. Within two days, it was delivered. I opened the package and was flattered by its suave look and exceptional quality. I packed my laptop and its charger in the first compartment, a portable projector machine in the middle, a writing pad, and a file of our best projects in the third compartment. I kept black and red highlight pens and blue ballpen in its three pen holders. The credit cardholders kept my visiting cards readily accessible. I was sorted.

(Source: Strap It)

The big day arrived. I wore a white shirt and a blue checkered suit, black belt and black formal shoes and carried my matching blue premium leather laptop bag. It completed my look. I video called my dad, and he gave his seal of approval. 

I reached the client office and headed towards the board room where the meeting was slated. The Board of directors and a few top ones from the management were present. I placed Christian on the table and opened its buckle flap enclosures. “Wow, what a bag! I can see you have a fine taste. I am sure our project is in good hands,” elatedly expressed the founder of the client’s company. I patted my back mentally, and thanked him with a wide grin and replied, “Indeed, Mr Johnson!” Christian was a clear conversation starter, and it made me much at ease.

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The presentation went well. I cracked the deal for our brand. At the end of the meeting, Mr Johnson asked me about the bag and mentioned he has been in search of such premium leather laptop bags. He took a close look at Christian and was convinced that he would buy a couple of them.

I referred to Strap It, from where I bought this classy laptop bag

Personally, I love its sturdiness and compartmentalisations and those smooth gliding YKK® branded zipper enclosures. And, of course, the ease of use that Christian offers with a rigid seal handle and a detachable crossbody strap. It made me a star at my workday and got me appreciation from the company’s founder.

So guys, if you want to create an impression with your taste for the finest things in life, this leather laptop bag from Strap It is a must buy.

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