Getting Fitter with My Duffel Bag to Calisthenics – Danny

You know how signing up for a gym membership on January 1 is a thing nowadays?

As embarrassing as it is, I jumped on that bandwagon this year.

I mean, I’m not too old to be indulging in these- what are they called, um- Gen Z? fads. McDonald’s and midnight movie marathons had me only making tall talks out of my body goals these past few years. My brief liaison with the gym in college days had ended too soon, but the online community’s quarantine workout phase had inspired me to post some reels of my own. If posting my gym progress online helps me get in shape, where’s the loss, right?

Being a shopaholic, the first step I took towards gym groundwork was to buy a gym bag online. That’s when I found Danny, and my life changed.

Chill, I’m not talking about a boy. Danny’s a gym duffle bag from Strap It. My initial days of looking at the brand-new bag lying uncared for motivated me to renew my gym membership. And trust me, gym trips became much more manageable after Danny arrived home. I’m tearing up now.

I’ve shared a complex history with the gym. There have been instances when I, being my absent-minded, half-hearted self, hit the gym in flip-flops and had to rush home to get my workout shoes. Another instance was when I had to travel back home in sweaty clothes. Long story short, in my over-enthusiasm, to shed those extra pounds, I exercised too hard.

Of course, I didn't carry a fresh change of clothes to the gym. Why would I, anyway? I belonged to the clumsy ranks of those carrying everything in their hands- from keys to bottles. Like Hansel and Gretel, I dropped my gym breadcrumbs every so often. In retrospect, picking up things from the floor every now and then was a workout in itself- my relationship with the gym was definitely not straight out of a fairy tale.

Things changed when the gym duffle bag called Danny entered my life. Now, I don't walk into the gym holding a bunch of things I can’t manage. Instead, like a true #gymfreak, so to say, I walk into the gym with uninhibited confidence. I’m smooth now, thanks to Danny. And those gym pictures? They’re all the rage on the gram.

What do you have in the Gym Duffle Bag, you might wonder?

My well-organised gym duffle bag contains all the basics I require to get ready before and after my workout sessions. I don't worry about being Hansel or Gretel anymore. This gym bag houses a myriad of things- my car keys, house keys, water bottle, purse, towels, protein bars, an extra change of clothes, my comb, phone, phone accessories and other nitty-gritty. With Danny, I don't have to worry about forgetting things at the last moment. I sling it across my shoulders and leave for the gym.

Why a gym bag when you get a locker, you ask?

Danny is easy to carry, and my stuff remains accessible always- especially my mobile phone. Most workout pants or shorts do not have pockets, and I don't want to forget my phone at the gym (been there, done that). Plus, I honestly enjoy not having to waste three minutes of my precious time hunting for a locker at the gym every day. A virus is looming large, and I want to squeeze in a thorough work out and leave ASAP.

What gym bag staples do I take along every time?

A sticky note on my fridge reminds me of all the essentials that I need to pack in my gym duffle bag before the gym; I hope this will be useful to you.

  • Gym towel to place on the bench
  • Hand towel to mop up any sweat
  • EarPods– optional (Mandatory for me since I can’t work out without my workout playlist!)
  • Gloves
  • Lifting straps
  • 4×500g microplates
  • Resistance bands for warm-up
  • A beanie to keep the sweat out of my eyes
  • Water bottle
  • Workout clothes
  • Socks and shoes
  • Shower flip-flops
  • A spare change of clothes
  • Travel-sized toiletries organised in a toiletry kit
  • Brush, comb, curling iron, blow dryer (if the locker room doesn't have one)
  • A bottle for my routine protein shake
  • A healthy snack– I am always hungry after a workout and end up munching on something that ruins all my hard work. The snack box that I carry in Danny has always been a lifesaver.

I also carry an A4 sized notebook to write down my workout in and my phone. If I did not use a small bag, I would constantly be forgetting my gym things!

Other than these, my bag contains random nitty-gritty too- a pocket perfume, bottles of sanitiser, an extra charger, things of that sort. The best part about Danny is that it contains a snap-button pocket in the front that holds my keys, a netted compartment, and a zippered pocket inside that holds my deodorant and wallet.

The convenience that Danny ensures is that I don't take forever to hunt down my keys, phone, or earphones after an exhausting calisthenic session.

This bag is made of high-quality CORDURA® fabric, which makes it lightweight and water-resistant. My gadgets remain protected from moisture, and my gear stays dry and safe no matter what conditions I travel in. Danny also flaunts premium metal fittings and YKK® zippers to withstand the shock and torture I subject it to. On rest days, I make this travel bag duffle for hikes and trips, thanks to its spacious compartments.

And my reels? Well, my comments section is filled with praises for my bag!

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