5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Hiking Backpack

Ah hiking – fresh air, the blood pumping through your veins, and a pack that’s always got your back!

As any seasoned hiker will tell you, a hiking backpack is, quite literally, the backbone of a good hike. Part of the thrill lies in knowing you can stop and rest at any moment, with everything you need to replenish your energy right behind you. You can weather any storm (pun entirely intended) with the right backpack. 

Whether you are planning a hiking trip with friends or want a solo trip to find yourself and be amidst nature, choosing the best backpack is critical. We want to help you do exactly that. 

What to Look For While Backpack Online Shopping

A backpack can make or break a hiking trip. Therefore, you need to keep certain factors in mind while online shopping, so you choose the right bag for your needs.

Material Matters

This double entendre refers to your bag's material and that what it is made of actually matters. For example, when you choose a high-quality backpack like Rumi, you get water-resistant Cordura® fabric, making it ideal for any environment. Selecting a pack made of such material ensures you have the best possible hiking experience. 

The Price Should Be Right

Depending on your needs, look into hiking backpacks that would best suit you. High-quality materials often mean higher prices, but they also mean long-term investments that see you through many a hike. And, if you do not want to spend a lot of money immediately, you can always wait for sales and deals. 

Frame Your Photographs and Your Backpack

A good hike necessitates breathtaking photography opportunities. Your backpack needs to be able to contain your camera and anything else you might need safely, without looking too bulky. Today's bags have simple frames that do not get in the way of your hike while still allowing you to carry huge loads comfortably with lots of extra padding.

Outdoor Backpacks Designed for Comfort

The design of your backpack in large part determines your comfort. You may feel more comfortable with a pack covered in zips, clips and compartments. Alternatively, you may prefer a backpack with a roll-top. Whatever you choose, your bag must meet your design requirements, so you feel entirely at ease during your adventure. 

With Great Volume Comes Great Adventure

As a beginner hiker, you may find that a 20lt backpack suits you just fine. Especially if it comes with additional compartments for various devices, you will probably find that everything fits comfortably into this space. It also prevents you from packing too much and overloading yourself during the hike.

The key to buying a hiking backpack is knowing what you are going to put in it. With Strap It's hiking backpacks, you can also carry all your favourite devices and have them on the go with you, with easy access, dedicated compartments, and secure YKK® zips. Therefore, you get a more manageable backpack that ensures you avoid the mistake of over-packing!

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