Want to Look Stylish? Here’s Your Styling Guide With Sam

When it comes to looking stylish, I don't miss out on a single chance to grab. My choices in bags are random. Sometimes I look like a boho-chic wandering around the street, and sometimes I wish to look like an elegant wedding crasher. Yes, you heard it right. A wedding crasher is making everyone take a double look at my style. 

But honestly, when I came across Sam, I was surprised. First of all, it has an elegant presence and looks well off the charts. Second, what you wear is a large part of who you are, so it's natural to want to look your best. Third, when I was in my teens, I was an incredibly picky girl; I wanted everything to be perfect. 

Styling my dresses with Sam is the best option. Sam goes well with anything. This laptop handbag comes with all the proper fits and pockets. Yes, pockets! The lining is made of polyester, and it's easy to wipe off any sebum or any stains. Also, water won't easily leak in here, and the handles are made of leather. This is how I found my Laptop backpacks online!

As for the size, it's perfect for the average female like me. It can hold all my accessories without too much space left behind.

Now coming to the styling guide, let's know what you can wear to look good with Sam

Sam fits well with everything. Especially if you are into pants and blazers, then this is your bag. You can top it off with a bodycon dress in the evening if you have a date night. Or a warm, casual look for the day to fit well with the crowd. Sam is for everyone! 

Although I don't need it to do that, I rarely carry anything more than my phone and wallet. The best thing about this office laptop bag is its sturdiness and durability. I have buddies who have been using this bag for a long time, and the quality is still excellent!

You probably won't need a large laptop bag to hold your stuff. It's good to keep it small, so the bulkiness of the bag isn't too noticeable. The purse I have now might be a little bit small, but I'm satisfied with it. In my age years, I don't need a large bag to carry my stuff. I mean, what would be the use of it if you can barely fit anything? If you value trendy look over practicality, then there are tons of fashionable bags out there.

The best thing about Sam is the colours. Available in four colours (black, ink blue, red and sand) It is well suited with everything because of the dark accent it carries. On the other hand, if you dress light, then this is your bag too. As I cannot focus more on the fact, yes, bestie, Sam is for you! 

If you are a fashion mogul or someone who is into fast fashion or picky choices, Sam is the right buddy to have you by your side.

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