What’s in My Bag: An Introvert’s Journal to Find Perfect Bags Online

Bite me when I say this aloud for people in the back, but I am a casual introvert, and the only social part I have been for the past five years is my office cabin. In the most inherent part of my consciousness, I used to sit across a coffee place in the middle of the city, amongst all the chaos and nothingness, and observe people in their most vulnerable state.

It’s an art to find yourself heaving upon with insecurities and superiority complex at the same time. I have been to weird parties, too, where neon lights would burst my common sense into acrobats, and I would drag myself to the balcony with blue screen and several tabs on my laptop. I'd give my persistent stream of relevance to music as well, though, since nothing can ever adorn anti-social faces the way Arctic Monkeys can, when plugged in your ears, blasting your brains out.

Then, I bring myself to entangled sheets and lucid dreams of Sylvia Plath’s entourage, standing across a poetic lake with scribbles you'd only find in my scrapbooks from 1996. I exist within all of these dimensions, making the best out of pretend-play-repeat, even when I cannot recreate my individuality through my imaginations. So, basically, I am a con artist. I am the creative director of my disposition, hidden from the world. And, just like, Bukowski, there are very few places I find my solitude and comfort.

One of them is my William-Weekender cum laptop bag. Think all you may want, but there's always a materialistic catch to being on your own, most of the times in a monotonous theme of lifestyle. So, this great piece of bag that I purchased from Strap-It a few weeks ago has given me a sense of comfort and management while working and travelling. Its minimalist stature, spacious compartments, and fabric has a feel and look best suited for workplaces. I am no expert on laptop or messenger bags, but the Strap-It has ease of apprehension and a functional range of bags for daily use, making it quite easy for me to pick my 'grip-twin'. It has flexible features that can work according to my reflective moods. With detachable compartments and adjustable shoulder straps, I carry it as I wish.

The cotton outline and high-quality Nappa leather give it a detailed, luxurious touch. It appeals to my dual personality, either when I am on the bridge to accomplish a serious presentation with a boss-girl attitude or visiting a euphoric reverie inside a book on a passenger seat of a public train. The organization around and about my things brings me utter peace of mind, and I have a constant likability for the things that help me stay adaptable and organized at the same time.

As my ambitious self wouldn’t want to get in an unwanted intervention, I carry my William-Weekender cum Laptop Bag just the way I carry my accountability, everywhere. With my important documents, a DIY vocabulary notepad, a laptop, an olive scarf and Virginia Woolf's perception diary, I walk every day with my world inside my bag.

So, take it from me as an insightful piece of advice; if you need bags for daily use to match your style, persona, and aesthetics, shop for bags online at Strap-It.

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