The Adam Story - For Grab-and-go Mornings!

Mornings! If something minor doesn't go well in the morning, the whole day is pretty much gone out the window. My productivity gets affected, and my mood is ruined. Staying organised is my thing. I have had people compare me to Monica, yeah, the character from the show FRIENDS, just because I'm obsessed with organising my stuff. 

An important part of my morning routine after my workout and coffee is packing my lightweight backpack for the day. I am a freelance writer and a photographer, and pretty good at my job too. So yeah, I get many fun clients to work with. There are not-so-fun ones, too, which is a story for another time.

Let me check the things I'm packing for the day. Mental checklists work well. That should be a joke, right? It was! Welp, moving on, my day-to-day stuff is already in my awesome lightweight bag. But since you are here, I'll tell you what's inside it. I have two vials of healing potions, a vial of make-boring-stuff-go-away potion and a coffee maker in my backpack. Yeah, just another lame joke; I pack my bag with many of those. On a seriously funny note, I wish we could pack coffee makers in the backpacks.

Well, coming back to the mental checklist train that had derailed itself, I have to pack my 15-inch laptop in and get a few other stuff in. Oh, don't worry, my backpack Adam is a 15-inch laptop backpack that can also hold stuff that I don't need, but it takes up space.

Just know that Adam is not only spacious but also well compartmentalised. I sometimes carry a camera along with my laptop, and yes, it fits. Here's how: I unlock side buttons on my bag, and voila, the height increases. 

Source: Strap It

I usually edit pictures I shot for the day in Starbucks. But sometimes, I sit on a park bench to enjoy the breeze while editing. I can't look good with formal footwear in a park, but Adam has me covered. Adam has a detachable shoe case in which I usually keep my walking shoes. A quick footwear switch, and I'm good to go.


Those are stuff that I do in the evening. Back to my mornings, I just finished my coffee. Now I would usually worry about the ride in metros. But not anymore; I have a sleek and lightweight backpack. One day before I put my bottle in the quick access compartment, I accidentally spilt the water. Now cue the anxiety and drama. But wait a minute, Adam, the 15-inch laptop backpack is waterproof! My laptop is safe, and so is my happy morning vibe. I'm leaving now to meet a client. The metro train will be at my stop in 5 minutes. Check out Adam while I hurry.

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