My First Road Trip: Experience Packing Everything in Ryan

As a long-time resident of the North East, I never dreamt that I would one day find myself in the passenger seat of a hired car after hours on the freeway. It was an impulsive decision to take an impromptu road trip and see where life took me.

So, here's my account: what it was like to go on my first solo road trip and some helpful hints for those who might want to follow suit! I will even share my experience travelling with Ryan and how it has been the absolute best friend in need. 

The Day Before- Here's My Preparation

The night before I was to leave, I still hadn't decided where to go. I had read an article about the best road trip routes but wanted to make it a little more adventurous. The challenge was getting away from the famous course. One of the main things I had to consider was my backpack

After three hours of continuous traffic, we finally reached our next destination. 

Getting The Best Rucksack Bags Online

To be honest, I was split between my choices. First, I had a rucksack backpack that I usually carried every time I went on a trip. And then there was Ryan. It was a hard decision to make, but I am glad I chose the latter. It is one of the best road trip essentials that you can carry, especially to a place where there are a lot of things to buy. Because you know it better than me, your money would be invested in items that will sit at the back rack of your home. 

What Can You Store In This Amazing Backpack?

I bought a blank map of the places and covered parts that would interest me most in my favourite colour marker. Red was for areas of natural beauty where I could take photos of landscapes. Green was for locations with historical significance – i.e., That meant I had to carry my DSLR as well. Ryan is the best backpack to carry something heavy and tough

Don't believe me? See the wonders for yourself. 

The Trip and The Tricks

Ryan is the best companion in need. There is nothing more that we can ask for. It handles most of our baggage, and we love it the most! I'm not joking when I say this, Ryan has been a travel buddy in need. That is why you should get your Ryan as well from rucksack bags online. 

This backpack works in all conditions. Although I knew about the travel weather before leaving my hotel, a strange thunderstorm happened around the area I was located in. 

So, What Do We Conclude?

The only thing I can conclude in this is, Ryan is the best buy of my life. 

It might sound exaggerated, but I am in awe of this rucksack. It holds everything, and I mean, everything. Right from your essentials to all the traveling souvenirs. On the other hand, the durability of this material is top class. My trip was beautiful, and so was the experience with this fantastic backpack. Nothing could go wrong if you chose this key travel companion and your prime component in the road trip essentials. 

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