My Day at Lutyens’ Delhi With my Trusty Tote Riz

You don’t understand power and lust till you visit Lutyens’ Delhi.

Delhi has always been a conglomeration of juxtapositions- while buildings swallow each other in the bylanes of Chandni Chowk, they gulp you whole unabashedly in this particular nexus of power. The lush lawns of Lutyens smirk with contempt at the pigeons (and pigeon holes) of Old Delhi. The reds of Red Fort sandstone pale in comparison to the concealed reds of politics here.

Everything in Delhi that fizzles and spurts elsewhere culminates in political burps here. It’s amazing.

Last week, my friends and I decided to stroll around this Delhi of Lutyens. Loaded with my camera, water bottle, sunglasses, and a book, apart from practically everything else in the world - my wallet, makeup bag, pen case, notepad, cell phone, tissues, phone accessories, hand sanitiser, sunscreen (ah, Delhi summers!), my canvas tote bag hung taut off my vaccinated arm. I had purchased this tote bag online called Riz, only recently. Securing my keys and headsets in the bag’s zipped pockets, I set off to Central Delhi.

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Central Delhi or Lutyens' Delhi is a quiet place. It is this silence of the area that screams. In the lap of Lutyens' Delhi, heritage bungalows, bougainvillaeas sprouting since the colonial age, and looming architecture rest. Bungalows in this part of Delhi are some of the most expensive in the country. They house politicians, bureaucrats, and industrialists. Since British times, these white bungalows have spread over 2,600 hectares.

Source: DailyMail

It’s astounding to see how meticulously Lutyens aligned Rajpath with the ancient Purana Qila. If you plan to visit Lutyens’ Delhi, start with the Rashtrapati Bhawan on Raisina Hill and take a serene walk down Rajpath. Here, you will find the Secretariat Building, which houses the PM's office and various ministries at Vijay Chowk. At the end of your stroll, the mighty India Gate will await you in all its majestic glory- a remnant of valiant lives lost in the First World War.

The area is best visited in the evening when buildings are brilliantly lit and the gardens are alive and abuzz. The Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate shines bright. Near this relic of bravery nestle astonishing British monuments. Ancient architectural memorabilia fashion profoundly awe-inspiring tranquillity. To not only visit but also understand Delhi, you must visit the India Gate.

From its time as an ancient settlement to its status, today as a fascinating modern city, the capital of India is filled with history and historical structures. One cannot help but become captive to the staggering significance Delhi holds to modern historians. All these things to see in Delhi are a must for any history buff and will leave you enthralled and enchanted.

There are many things to see and do in Lutyens’ Delhi, Lodhi gardens, and the Connaught place market. Pack eatables to munch on while you stroll. And yes, carry a sturdy bag with you. Since you’re likely to spend a lot of time here, you want to stay prepared with tissues, sanitiser, earphones, water and the like.

The reason this canvas tote bag caught my eye was that it looked trendy and, well, suave in pictures. Now that I use it, I realise how sturdy and spacious it is. Most importantly, my bag doesn't look bulky. I found myself muttering silent thanks to my bag on each encounter with the frequent, searing sun ray of touristy Delhi. My umbrella and sunglasses have found permanent shelter in this canvas tote bag. Ah, the fortunate accidents of retail therapy!


After Lutyens’ Delhi, we headed to the market at Connaught Place, and this trusty tote housed all my shopping items. And yes, despite dumping my bag with so much stuff, I discovered my house keys immediately- thanks to the two inner pockets of the bag. Else, it would have taken forever. Another essential feature of my bag is that it contains adjustable handles that allow me to change the strap length at my convenience. This is something I found novel compared to other tote bags for women available online.

This canvas tote bag is available in five chic colours, among which yellow and orange are my personal favourites for the summer. They look vibrant and, well, sunshiney.

Coming to the bag's durability, its metal YKK® zippers, premium metal fittings, and genuine leather details withstood my tugs and the ensuing torment I put it through with remarkable mettle. I’m one fidgety person, so you can trust me on this. Riz is the everyday tote bag that comes to use on each occasion.

Check out Strap It for chic and durable tote bags for women and men.

You are sure to love the purchase.

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