My Dad and His Bag – A Father's Day Surprise

My dad is a rather reserved person. Getting Father’s Day gifts online for him has always been a challenge because he never tells us what he wants.

But apart from Father’s Day, he was also turning 60 this year, and I thought it was only fitting to celebrate the occasion. After all, it is not every day that your father turns 60 amid a global pandemic – a feat I consider worth all the fanfare. Unfortunately, the fanfare is the opposite of my dad’s idea of a good time. 

But what he does enjoy is a cup of coffee, reading news articles on his phone or laptop, and going on short vacations with my mother. Since I could not physically be with my parents on Father’s Day, I decided to surprise him with a weekend getaway I planned with my mother. Immediately I knew what I was going to look for – weekend bags for men

This search led me to William, a gorgeous leather weekend bag from Strap It. William was perfect for my father. It even had a detachable laptop compartment so my father could continue his chai and online news tradition on my parents’ weekend getaway to their farmhouse.

I could already envision my father packing William with everything he would need for the weekend. Such a spacious bag meant that he could easily fit in his dearest things. Plus, having a dedicated weekend bag with compartments would also help when he travelled for work. The duffel bag he usually used could not safely hold his laptop, and its strap often cut into his shoulder. William’s cross-body option can prevent this, and its dedicated laptop compartment will allow him to carry everything in one place!

I then explored Strap It a little more, looking for other Father’s Day gifts online. Their range of laptop bags in India also struck me as perfect gifts. Christian, in particular, caught my eye. My father’s most valuable possession remains his laptop. Meanwhile, my mother’s most valuable possession is her iPad. Christian has compartments for both, as well as the chargers. The high-quality finish, leather detailing, and secure zippers were just the cherries on top of an already excellent bag.

With my mother on a video call, we went through the entire website. My mother was also enthralled and insisted on reading the entire About Us section. We spent almost the whole afternoon while my father took a nap going through the bag collection. We finally narrowed down our options to William, Thomas, and Christian.

We constantly oscillated between the many pros and almost non-existent cons of every bag, trying to make our decision. Ultimately, my mother suggested William for Father’s Day and Christian for his birthday. I agreed with this decision and placed the order for William. 

I am so excited for my dad to use William. He needs a spacious long-term bag like William, with its attractive leather detailing and durable material. He can put everything he needs in one place without worrying about carrying another bag for his laptop to keep it safe. This is one of the best weekend bags for men I have found online. My father may be reserved, but I am sure he will appreciate this Father’s Day surprise!

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