More Than a Bag - The Story of How Karin Became My Best Friend

Our world can be as expansive as one could possibly imagine, with an ever-adding count of friends. It's a personal choice. If I have to define myself, I stand pretty in stark contrast. I am not an introvert. But, self-contented, solitudinarian and find solace in my own company. Having said that, I didn't realize when my laptop had become the heart of my compact world. I call it Bliss and look at it as an extension of me, a living thing. Similar to how I feel at ease in comfy clothes, I wanted a tote bag for laptop. It deserves a bit of coddling, right?


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After hunting for months exhaustively, I came across a blog on Strap It. As if it read my mind, I found Karin for my laptop within the next few minutes. A couple of days later, Karin arrived home. I unwrapped it, and I fell in love with it. Finally, I got that perfect bag for laptop. Bliss was elated too, she got that cozy home to snuggle.

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In the past, I tried tote bags for women, but nothing felt close to this one.  It has a dedicated padded laptop compartment assuring proper protection against external scratches. It is perfect for a 15" laptop. Plus, those two netted zipped pockets give me easy access to locate smaller things like my pens, makeup, notepads, earpods, glasses. It didn't take much time for me to bond with Karin.  Wherever I went, I carried it along. From my favorite novels, snacks to Bliss, it embraced all my belongings. There were days when it saw me laughing guts out watching comedy films on Bliss. There were times when it witnessed how I poured my heart out writing melancholy of life.

Without mincing words, I would say Karin became my best friend. Apart from being there as a perfect companion, it added to my comfort too. Unlike other laptop backpacks for women, its uniqueness lies in being a 2-in-1 tote bag cum backpack. Depending on my mood and need, it can be converted into a backpack or tote bag. And, as a user, one needn't use different bags for different usages. Karin has alps become that go-to tote bag while going to the gym and random weekend getaways. It can carry all that I need for any given occasion. Just like a best friend, I always have Karin's back.


(Source: Strap It)

I must thank Strap It for thoughtfully engineering Karin. It appears as a simple tote bag for women, but it turns into a chic backpack once the shoulder straps slide-out straps from the hidden compartment. A few other features which give it an edge are the detachable shoe case, an outer multipurpose sleeve (to carry jacket/ yoga mat) and a spacious inner design to pack spare clothes, footwear, water bottles, foldable umbrella. 

It is resilient and also water-resistant. I had my outings with Karin and Bliss on many rainy days without worrying about water seepage. Independent girls like me, if you are exploring options for a tote bag for laptop, I vouch for this one.

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