How I Pair My Bags With Each Outfit - A College-goer’s Stylish Bagatory

Among all other things, one of the most pertinent transitions for students from school to college is having to put together an outfit every day. Initially, it is fun and something everyone looks forward to after years of wearing the same clothing every day. But, after a while, it can get challenging. Especially if you are someone who wants to bring their fashion A-game to college consistently. A great fashion tip is to amp up your look with accessories. And what better than a statement bag to do just that. You need to carry a bag to college anyways, why not make it stylish?! Read along to find trendy bags for college that will compliment any kind of outfit you put together. 

Dressy Western Wear 

Source: Hanna

Every once in a while, it feels great to put on a dress, a pretty skirt, or a frilly top to change things up. But it can be a downer when your regular backpack does not compliment your outfit and ends up ruining the look. Well, not to worry, because Hanna is exactly what you may be looking for. A simple, spacious tote with zipper detailing comes in six different colours. Pick a colour that compliments your aesthetic, and viola, you have a well put together out!

 Casual Western Wear

Source: Sally

Throwing on a simple graphic tee with a pair of mom jeans or a co-ord sweatsuit is one of the easiest things to do. But if you are a fashionista, you don’t want to risk looking lazy at the expense of being comfortable. A great way to spice up a basic look like this is by adding a smart backpack. Sally is the perfect bag for a situation like this. Its compact and sleek look adds a layer of sophistication to a very casual outfit. What’s even better is that it comes in three dark shades which makes it highly versatile and perfect for everyday use. 

Casual Indian Wear 

Source: Riz

Many people like to wear casual Indian wear to college. A simple kurta with a pair of jeans looks effortlessly good. To avoid looking too simple, a canvas tote bag like Riz is one of the most stylish college bags. Its simple silhouette and plain yet striking colours make it fit the vibe of effortlessly casual perfectly.  

Winter Chic

Source: Zoey

Winter is described as the season to dress by many. You can play around with multiple layers and make for a chic outfit. If you are someone who gravitates towards darker, monochromatic colours during winter, then Zoey might just be the perfect bag for you. It comes in six highly wearable colours. A great way to tie together your entire outfit is by matching the colour of your bag with your winter boots.

Beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive. You can go to college, be academic, and look absolutely stunning doing it! Get your hands on these bags as soon as possible to level up your fashion game. Watch out for more fashion tips for college!


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