Frank-ly Speaking! Redefining Myself with A Nappa Leather Laptop Backpack

Apart from your clothes, footwear, body language, do you know your bags are often one of the first things people notice about you? I wasn’t aware myself until the day when Reshma, my manager, commented, “Sandeep, just like your dull bag, your performance at work lacks life.” Her sarcastic comment made me a laughing stock among my colleagues. But I am not the kinds who would give up easily. Instead of sulking, I decided to redefine myself. And the first thing that topped the list for my makeover was a black leather backpack. I started searching for a modish bag that could make my style statement.

(Source: Strap It)

I was looking for a bag that scores 10/10 on looks, durability and functionality. And most importantly, within budget. I read several blogs on selecting the right leather laptop backpack, as I didn’t want to leave any room for such sarcasm this time. After thorough research, I zeroed down on Frank.

I was all set to welcome it and make a distinct shift in my overall persona and performance at work. This chic, high-quality Nappa leather laptop bag had everything I needed as if it was custom-made for me. The cotton lining set it apart from most of the regular leather backpack bags. It is designed with two external zipped compartments and a multi-utility pocket for storage. It is dully prepped and padded to carry my 15-inch laptop with ease. The YKK® zipper at the rear makes it easier to access the laptop.  Its compact is also spacious enough with dedicated compartments for additional gadgets such as iPad, HDD, and mobile. Its style quotient is enhanced with the premium metal hardware. In a word, Frank is fantastic.

(Source: Strap It )

 There was a review meeting with my manager in the next few days, and I was preparing a presentation to prove my skills. Trust me, just how, as a kid, we feel a rush of happiness by wearing new clothes or getting new toys, I was experiencing a renewed energy by having Frank by my side. It was much more than a mere leather laptop backpack.

We live in a world where much about us is judged by how we appear to the onlookers. I was good at my work but was shabby in my appearance. And it gave people around me scopes to form opinions that weren’t true.

In one of the suggestions on transforming one’s guise, I read how accessorizing matters for men, especially if it is a creative work.  I was doing it wrong all these years. I wore neatly ironed formal wear for the review meeting and complemented it with my newly bought black leather backpack. My presentation fetched rave reviews. To my surprise, Ms Reshma was thoroughly fascinated and praised my drastic transformation.

As I was experiencing them all, I realized how even a tiny variance in our appearance draws a noticeable change. Frank-ly speaking, I had wholly redefined myself with my most sensible purchase, i.e., this leather backpack.

The credit goes to Strap It for designing such an elegant and functional leather laptop backpack. Apart from black, I have also bought Frank in other two shades of navy blue and forest green. Guys, if you want to express your personality through laptop bags, this one nails it.

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