First Day at College with Hanna, the Tote Bag

The pride when I scored 95% in my high school board exam lingered for a while. Then, as inhibitable it was meant to be, the fear of joining college overshadowed it. Someone who has done the entire schooling in Ranchi, transcending to the national capital, Delhi, for higher studies, felt overwhelming. What chafed me the most was my look and style statement. I decided to stick to casual semi-formal ensembles and a few good tote bags for college. My wardrobe was sorted. All I needed was oodles of confidence to begin my new journey. I shifted to Delhi and put up at my aunt's place at Karol Bagh.

Finally, it was happening. I was experiencing my first day at college in the pulsating city of Delhi. I dressed in black culottes pants paired with a grey linen shirt tucked in and teamed up them with white pump shoes. It was Hannawho” completed my look, and I appeared pretty organized.

By now, I had practised this day in my mind zillion times. When I arrived at the college, I was feeling a sort of Déjà vu. My tiny journal notebook almost peeped from my canvas tote bag and reaffirmed, "You can do it, girl." I started inching towards the classroom; my heart was racing, anticipating would I be able to fit in? Academic brilliance was on my side. I was feeling anxious about the social acceptance of my peers who belonged to this fashion capital and were way ahead in contemporary style.

"Hey, you! The girl with yellow bag," a voice approached me. I turned around; it was a smart guy who appeared as a seasoned man on this campus. "I am Anirudh Sharma, the student coordinator. You are Ayesha, the girl from Ranchi. Am I right?" he probed. I nodded in agreement. He guided me to the class and introduced me to my classmates. Phew! I took a sigh of relief and patted Hanna, one of my stylish canvas tote bags. Its bright hue drove away all my anxious blues. My transition into adulthood turned smooth, contrary to my fears.


(Source:  Strap It)

As the day proceeded, I made new friends. Many of them complimented my communication skills, personality and, of course, my style quotient. I had passed the test. Among all these, Hanna fetched a lot of attention. Reema expressed she has been looking for tote bags for college. I guided her to Strap It. No exaggeration; in fact, a couple of boys in my class asked me if I could suggest good brands dealing with tote bags for laptops.

I had picked up Hanna, considering it to be the perfect canvas tote bag for college. I was right! Despite being stylish, it was sturdy and spacious. It still looked sleek, unlike other variants, which tend to look bulgy. Notwithstanding all the weight, it didn't burden the shoulder. I could carry my laptop, and in the other two compartments, I packed the charger, notebook, mobile phone, a snack box, a small pouch of makeup essentials and my wallet. Thanks to its ergonomic padded shoulder straps, they can be even converted into a cross bag.

(Source: Strap It)

I have become a fan of Strap It. Its collection of tote bags is impressive. One gets to choose from so many colours. And the price justifies its quality, functionality, looks and utility.

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